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, a young atheist, befriends two Christian students at a public university, Tom and Ashley, who introduce her to their study group, headed by university professor and retired technology CEO Robert Bane. When he states that he has had dreams about her, she angrily leaves the group. She is befriended by a student, Jason. When she discovers what he represents she turns to Mr. Bane and Tom for answers. She finds that Tom isn't like she thought he was, and begins to understand the reason for his confidence in the Bible. Mr. Bane exposes what the U.S. President Deborah Hazely has planned and is soon arrested. Hope determines to rescue him, getting herself entangled in his desperate situation.
A nation-wide dragnet is begun for her and Bane's group, and others like them, because they refuse to follow America's coercive new law. After a series of world-wide devastating natural disasters, the rest of the world sees the rationale of following the U.S. in making a similar law, with just as severe consequences for noncompliance. The media makes the dissidents appear dangerous, and they have nowhere to hide in the cities. Thousands try to flee the cities as government protection is not accorded dissidents.
Just as Hope realizes that Tom was right all along, they are captured by the police. At their trail they are condemned to death by lethal injection, then sent back to prison to await the carrying out of their sentences. An officer helps them escape. Tom sees Hope give a caring glance at Jason and thinks that she has rekindled her love for him. The officer leads them to a high mountain cave. Hope and Bane's group are ultimately trapped in the mountain cave by soldiers bent on their destruction. Then supernatural events begin to happen, and the world witnesses Biblical predictions coming about in rapid succession. Hope and the others have realized that they have been specially protected, and that every person on Earth must face a bigger crisis, -one within, because Earth's inhabitants are about to witness the most profound and final event in its history, -the appearance of Christ!

3 Angel Media
, a Christian film company, is producing an epic motion picture dramatizing a more accurate Biblical interpretation of the events leading up to and including the spectacular second coming of Christ. The warm action-drama will contain beautiful original music and riveting photo-real visual effects.

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Here below are clips of our actors expressing what they felt about the script.